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Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo is one thing; taking it off is another. According to some, the tattoo removal process is more painstaking than getting it on your skin. That is why some people prefer to just come up with clever cover up tattoo ideas, so that their tattoos can be hidden.

When coming up with cover up tattoo ideas, you have get creative, especially if your tattoo is on a body part that is difficult to cover. Some body tattoos that could easily be exposed are those on the arms, legs, neck and nape, hands, back, and, of course, the face. Besides the body parts mentioned, women may have more trouble covering up tattoos on their backs upper arms, thighs, and feet. Below are some quick and simple cover up tattoo ideas that may work for you.

Cover Up Tattoo Ideas:
1-Cover Up Tattoo Ideas For Arm Tattoos:
Now this depends if the tattoo is on the upper arm or lower arm. Wearing normal t-shirts usually do the trick, at least for the upper arm area. Wearing a sweater or arm warmers should cover up the tattoo on the lower part of the arm nicely. But this won’t be a good idea during a really hot day. You can probably wear a thin, light long sleeved shirt. Choose one that has sleeve that can easily be rolled up in case you feel too warm.

2-Cover Up Tattoo Ideas For Leg Tattoos:
Just like the arms, tattoos on the upper portion of your legs or thighs can be concealed easily by wearing knee-length shorts or pants. However, women might have a problem if they like wearing shorter bottoms. The best advice is to just wear bottoms with lengths that will cover up the tattoo.

3-Cover Up Tattoo Ideas For Chest Tattoos:
If the tattoo is not covered completely by the shirt, wearing a stylish scarf should help. Layering a high-collared shirt under a low neckline shirt could also be an option. If only a small part is exposed or the tattoo is really small, you can easily hide it by using a make up concealer.

If the reason why you want to hide your tattoo is because you do not like its design, one way to cover it up is to get a new tattoo over it. A great tattoo artist should be able to remedy a bad tattoo by adding more details or modifying the original tattoo. Try to search for more cover up tattoo ideas through Google Images. For sure there are more cover up tattoo ideas that you may find across the web. You can also contact and consult a tattooist in your area and ask if he has cover up tattoo ideas that he could share with you.

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